EU ends funding for ICAHD

JERUSALEM – Jerusalem-based watchdog NGO Monitor learned last week that the European Union (EU) will not renew its funding of the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).In an ‘urgent message’ to members of ICAHD-USA, Jeff Halper, the organization’s director, said: “We have just heard that our request for refunding has been rejected…so we now face a real crisis.”  The message went on to plead with supporters for extra funds.
For several years, despite its extreme anti-Israel agenda, ICAHD has been a recipient of major EU funding under the Partnerships for Peace framework. The EU has consistently stated that these grants are directed towards specific projects and are not intended as general funds for the organization. However, NGO Monitor found that an EU grant of 473,000 Euros in 2005 constituted the majority of ICAHD’s annual budget.     

NGO Monitor said in a statement that ICAHD consistently manipulates the language of human rights to promote an anti-Israel political agenda, routinely refers to Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state and Halper promotes a one-state solution,  which would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state. The statement went on to say that promoting a one-state solution is in direct contradiction to the EU’s official policy, which promotes a two-state solution.    
Professor Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor executive director,  stated: “ICAHD’s faÁade has finally been acknowledged and the European Commission has acted appropriately in ending further funding. In reality, ICAHD does nothing to advance coexistence and instead promotes extreme views, which fuel the conflict. Following this precedent, we urge the EC to review all such NGO funding in a transparent manner and establish consistent criteria.”

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