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Geller launches complaint against York police chief and officer

Activist Pamela Geller files lawsuit against NY Transit Authority for rejecting bus ad. (Photo: Joanne Hill)


NEW YORK-TORONTO - York Regional Police (YRP) Chief Eric Jolliffe and Inspector Ricky Veerappan are under investigation by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) following a complaint by Pamela Geller.

Geller is a well-known American blogger and activist whose views are considered controversial by some people.

She was scheduled to speak at the Chabad@Flamingo Synagogue last May but Rabbi Mendel Kaplan rescinded permission for the use of his shul almost at the last minute.

Rabbi Kaplan also serves as a volunteer police chaplain with the YRP. Veerappan, who  heads the YRP’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau, told the Jewish Tribune in May that, if the rabbi had not cancelled Geller’s appearance at his shul, “we would certainly revisit his relationship with York Region Police.” The Toronto Zionist Centre stepped in to provide the venue and Geller spoke before an overflow, standing-room-only audience; however, she wasn’t willing to let the matter of the cancellation drop, so after she returned to the US she filed an official complaint with the OIPRD.

“This behaviour is intolerable from a police officer, whose job is to protect the citizenry, not to censor points of view he dislikes,” said Geller. “This case is important for the freedom of speech.”

Geller said her complaint “addresses the effects of the joint decision of Chief Jolliffe and Inspector Veerappan to coerce a rabbi to cancel my event scheduled to be held in his synagogue because they do not share my opinions on freedom of speech and equality for women. This breach of police policy and conduct ultimately undermines public confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the York Regional Police.”

According to Geller, the OIPRD informed her that they had referred her complaint against Jolliffe to the York Police Services Board.

Grant Wilkinson, senior investigator, OIPRD, and Mafalda Avellino, executive director, York Police Services Board, both said they could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any complaints or investigations.

However, a spokesperson for the YRP did provide confirmation of the investigation following the Jewish Tribune’s request for comment from Jolliffe.

“This issue has become part of an investigative process under the OIPRD and the chief is not in a position to comment,” said YRP Constable Laura Nicolle.

Veerappan did not respond to the Jewish Tribune’s request for an interview.

Geller said she is scheduled to give testimony to the OIPRD by Skype on Aug. 7.



  • Waffle

    Heaven forbid that you should mention JDL’s role in bringing Geller to Toronto in the first place.

    • kingqueen

      What difference would it make who sponsored this talk? Either we live in a society where we are able to openly discuss and hear opposing points of view, or the intolerant left tells us all what we can say. The JDL seems to be the only organization putting a spot light on the vicious, violence- inciting Islamic speakers who openly make speeches and run schools right in front of the York Region Police force with no accountability. The “professional” Jewish advocacy agencies seem mute. Who reported what really went on at Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto? Geller is a brave person for trying to warn everyone what is happening right in front of us…

      • Waffle

        What difference would it make who sponsored this talk? you ask. Well, it was JDL who is a tenant at the Toronto Zionist Centre and requested permission from them to hold the Geller event. The way the Tribune worded its article, a casual reader might be forgiven for (wrongly) thinking that the TZC was the sponsor. This is weasel journalism.

        You are quite right in stating that the “professional” Jewish advocacy agencies seem mute (including B’Nai Brith). BB seemed to be MIA this past weekend during the Al Quds hate-fest at Queen’s Park in which violence-incinting Islamic speakers called for the murder of Israelis.

        Check out SUN news for more details.

  • Anonymous

    What really bothers me about this is not what the pieces of garbage from YRP did, this I expect from low class trash like that and Veerappan and his no account brethren, but what I find incredibly
    unsettling is the lack of reprisal and utter yellow bellied weakness and lying down acceptance of the York Region and Toronto Jewish communities at this Hitler Goebbels style Nazi tactic being reinvented by YRP leadership, why I ask, is Rabbi Kaplan even serving on the chaplain board with these cloaked Jew haters, this is exactly how the pogroms and ghetto’s were run during the war, the use of Jewish leadership to suppress Jews is the oldest trick in the anti Semites book, the Jews of this community are again more interested in self preservation and self interest than the survival and true freedom of the
    Jewish community. Do they realise there is no where left for them to run after this, we are drawing near to the last stand of the Jewish nation and yet we are more fragmented and self preserving than we have ever been before, Hashem has tested us, He has provided us with wealth and comfort to see where we stand, we have chosen wrongly again and become completely complacent, the price to pay for this will again be very, very high.

  • BobSmith101

    The bigger picture: Fact 1 – Islamic theology teaches hatred of non-Muslims and especially Jews. It also encourages violence in the name of Islam. Fact 2 – Muslims and Muslim apologists do what ever they can to deny the reality of fact 1.

    If we can talk about Catholic priests and child sex, why can’t we talk about the Mullahs and clitorectomies?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Veerappan, obviously the lucky recipient of a cop’s job….most likely gained thru an Affirmative Action Program.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I question the value of launching a complaint with any component of the police department.
    The police have proven over and over again in recent history that they are either afraid of enforcing our laws against the followers of Mohammed or they are in sympathy with them.

    Surely there are one or two good Jewish lawyers who would do what is necessary and applicable in this instance.
    I am sure the majority of the Canadian Jewish community would stand with them both morally and financially.

  • Anonymous

    good i hope Pamela exposes these hypocrites for what they are- narrow minded muslim supporters who ca not tolerate divergent views

  • Waffle

    Either a muzzie spy or a leftard troll has suddenly infested this site.

    • Dave

      Muzzie? Are you living in the Harry Potter universe or something?

      • Waffle

        LOL!! typo — sb Muzzie.

  • Dave

    Geller is odious. The police are right to want to have anything to do with her and “Rabbi Kaplan” is wants the best of both worlds – the esteem associated with being sanctified by the police as well as using Geller as a cipher for his extremist views. If he wants to be respectable he has to grow up and stop associating with trash like Geller.

    • Waffle

      Geller is “odious” and “trash” for standing up for freedom of speech and being menschlich enough to ensure that a little Muslim girl, Aqsa Parvash got a decent burial after being ‘honour killed’ (if you’ll pardon the expression) by her family?

    • Anonymous

      please explain “extremist views” Are they similar to the numerous imams openly calling for death to america, israel and jews? calling for the killing of gays , stoning of women etc?
      please elucidate!

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