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Florida police plan 4-day visit to Toronto as part of murder probe

Hallandale Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy Hallandale Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL.-TORONTO – Hallandale Beach Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy will lead a four-day fact-finding mission in Toronto as part of the investigation into the murders of Rochelle Wise and Donny Pichosky.

Flournoy told the Jewish Tribune that he, a member of his command staff and two homicide detectives will arrive in Toronto on Sunday and leave on Thursday.

“We will be working with some of the Toronto law enforcement authorities who will be accompanying us,” said Flournoy. “Monday we’re going to be meeting with [the victims’] family members and conducting interviews; Tuesday we’ll be perhaps visiting some prior places of employment and their residence; Wednesday we’ll do some wrap-up and Thursday morning we may have to finish some more wrap-up.”

Flournoy said his team had discussed the need to visit Toronto during strategy meetings last week.

“We knew that we were going to have to visit Toronto sooner or later…. We’re still trying to develop the…victimology: who were the victims, what were they about, what were their likes, what were their dislikes, their movements throughout the day, what was their life like? We try to put that together and sometimes, while putting that together, it helps you develop theories and leads.”

Asked whether their trip to Toronto means they’ve ruled out simpler motives for the double homicide such as robbery or a random attack, Flournoy said, “No, we haven’t ruled out anything.”

However, Flournoy did tell the Tribune that, at a recent meeting of the local homeowners association, he told worried residents that investigators had not found any evidence to indicate that Wise and Pichosky were killed because they were Jewish.

Wise and Pichosky’s bodies were discovered on Jan. 10 in their home in the Venetian Park townhouse complex in Hallandale Beach. Flournoy said he spoke at the Jan. 22 meeting of the Venetian Park West Homeowners Association.

“I briefly spoke to them about the homicide, the status of the homicide [investigation] and also explained to them why we haven’t released many details related to the homicide and then just assured them that, in our analysis of this, we don’t see an elevated risk to the public as it relates to the homicide, i.e. there’s nothing to indicate that Donny and Rochelle were targetted on the basis of race, sex, gender or religion. So we have no reason to believe that the public at large is at any elevated risk.”

Hallandale Beach has a large Jewish community, Flournoy said.

“We have a large contingent of Jewish citizens and we also have a great deal of winter residents from the north, particularly from Canada: Toronto and Montreal.”

The RCMP might also be asked to assist in the investigation, he said.

“We may be reaching out to them. We may be coordinating some analysis of some evidence with them. That will probably be between the Broward County [Florida] lab and whatever lab your national police use.”

Flournoy said the medical examiner had not yet determined a cause of death for the couple.




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