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Human rights expert at Vancouver book fair, leadership event, London antisemitism conference

B'nai Brith Canada's Ruth Klein B'nai Brith Canada's Ruth Klein


Human rights expert Ruth Klein will speak at the Jewish Book Festival and meet with B’nai Brith leadership in Vancouver next week, then participate in a conference on antisemitism in London.

Klein, national director of advocacy for B’nai Brith Canada, is also executive director, National Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research and national director, League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada. She is the editor of the recently released book, Nazi Germany: Canadian Responses; Confronting Antisemitism in the Shadow of War.

Klein will join one of the book’s authors, Richard Menkis, at the Cherie Smith JCC Jewish Book Festival from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 28.

“The National Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research brought together eight different scholars to write a collection of essays, which flow seamlessly from one subject to the next,” said Klein. “Together, these chapters give a picture of Canadian society at the time of the Holocaust: those who spoke up and those who didn’t.”

The book uses original research to examine how everyday Canadians viewed the Holocaust. Its authors scoured government records, university archives, newspaper articles (both local and national in English, French and Yiddish) and literature.

“The seminal work on the period is None is Too Many, which looks at the Canadian government: this new book starts where that book ends. We’re not talking about the government; we’re talking about ordinary people. We’re looking at where and when Canadians got their information and how much information they were given. We’re looking at those who tried to help, those who were staunchly against helping the Jewish refugees and those who passively watched and waited and did nothing.”

Klein will present Vancouver writer Jack Chivo with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal at a private meeting on Nov 27.

Chivo, president of the Lion’s Lodge Gate, B’nai Brith Canada, will be honoured for his dedication to the Jewish community. Klein, who also holds the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, will address the topic, Israel Under Fire: What Can We Do?

“I’ll talk about what we can do to show our support for Israel in a number of different ways and what the activation of Hamas terror cells could mean for us in Canada,” said Klein.

In England, Klein will chair one of six panel discussions at a full-day symposium on, “Contemporary Antisemitism in the UK,” presented by The Journal for the Study of Antisemitism (JSA) at the Weiner Library on Dec. 2. Klein will chair an afternoon panel on the subject, “What Can Be Done? Strategic Interventions,” featuring Francisco de Almeida Garrett, an attorney and philosopher of religion; Julian Hunt, a London-based barrister with experience defending pro-Israel activists; and Philip Spencer, director of research in politics at Kingston University’s Helen Bamber Centre for the Study of Rights.

Distinguished guest speakers at the JSA symposium will also include Steven K. Baum, Ben Cohen, Irwin Cotler, David Feldman, Ronnie Fraser, Mark Gardner, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Gloria Greenfield, Clemens Heni, David Hirsh, Paul Iganski, Gunther Jikeli, Lesley Klaff, Richard Landes, Kenneth Lasson, Judit Bosker Liwerant, Denis MacShane, Kenneth L. Marcus, Winston Pickett, Dave Rich, Neal E. Rosenberg, Shimon T. Samuels, Hagai van der Horst, Robert S. Wistrich and Bat Ye’or.

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