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National Library of Israel acquires rare Montefiore family Passover Haggadah

Moses Montefiore (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Moses Montefiore (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


( – The National Library of Israel has acquired a rare Passover Haggadah that once belonged to well-known philanthropist Moses Montefiore, Israel Hayom reported.

The unique Haggadah is thought to have been printed in London in 1837 and is written in Hebrew with an English translation. The front of the book is adorned with the stylized Montefiore family’s symbol, which includes the word “Jerusalem.” On the cover, there is a note indicating that the book belongs to Montefiore.

Inside of the Haggadah, there is a hand-written dedication explaining that the book was given to Rabbi Joseph Myers, a friend of Montefiore’s. The dedication shows that the Haggadah was given to Myers on the eve of Passover in 1849 in the seaside town of Ramsgate, England, where Montefiore lived.



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