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New photography project puts Jewish Jerusalem back on the map

A panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem as seen in the virtual tour available at A panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem as seen in the virtual tour available at


Aryeh Savir Tazpit News Agency 

JERUSALEM – A new Google Street style project documenting the streets of Jerusalem has been launched online, enabling anyone in the world to take a virtual tour of Jerusalem. The project, which took two years to conclude, was launched a few days ago.

The starting point of the tour is on Har Hazaitim, the Mount of Olives, providing the viewer with a panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem. One can take a tour of the various Jewish sites in the Old City and its vicinity, which are visible for Har Hazaitim, beginning with the Hebrew University on Har Hatzofim, Mount Scopus, in the east, through the Yemin Moshe neighbourhood in the west.

The tour offers a 360º view of the various sites, giving you the feeling that you are actually on site. About 40,000 people from around the world have already taken the tour.

Tamir Orbaum, founder and owner of Tamir 360 Photography, who created and executed the project, explained that the idea for the project came as a result of Google Earth’s imbalanced representation of Jerusalem’s holy site, setting the primary focus on the Christian sites and churches.

“I took a camera and began to photograph the Jewish Quarter in the Old City and Jewish heritage sites. The project developed, and today anyone in Israel or abroad can walk through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, experiencing the city through their computer screen.”

Tamir used unique technology, which only he possess in Israel, creating an exceptional experience.   

Tamir said he had further such projects in mind. His dream is to document the concentration and death camps in Poland, enabling anyone to take a tour there. He has further plans to upgrade the existing tour of Jerusalem, as well as creating tours of other important Jewish sites in Israel.

“I have invested myself entirely in this project, it has become something of an obsession. I purchased the equipment and developed the project without any assistance from official or governmental bodies. It’s my true passion,” he explained.     

Click this URL to take the tour:



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